by My Psychoanalyst

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A bunch of unreleased numbers.

Track 1 Recorded at Snug by Robbie & Rich
Tracks 2 & 4 Recorded at Dubrek by Jay & Ollie
Tracks 3 & 5 Recorded by Justin Lockey


released November 11, 2007

Justin Cowley - Guitars
Callum Holmes - Bass
James Machin - Vocals, Guitar
Dani Martin - Keys
Tomas Ward - Drums, Backing Vocals



all rights reserved


My Psychoanalyst Derby, UK

Too low brow to be high brow. Too high brow to be low brow.

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Track Name: Bewilderbuss
I’m alive but I will die
Thank the lord they can’t tell a word I’m saying
None incite
None deride my own devices
Legs don’t take me backwards yet

I want to see cruel instinct of delusion
Human regiment illusion
No bigger no smaller
Unless a salient fist

Suddenly every ill of the world was cured & music got really shit
What was I thinking?
Come inside
Not to hide but rather to recuperate
Tell me things
Drive me to drink
Latent to the soil

Cruel instinct of delusion
Human regiment illusion
No bigger no smaller
Unless a salient fist
Track Name: Rachael Protector
Androgyny silhouettes in rigid display
What like scripture is constantly on replay
Don’t leave me; don’t leave me
I needed a good illness
Some girly in a garage says “Well, I could do worse”

Rachael Protector; the onus is on the back of your head
“I could do much better” some girly in a garage said
Don’t leave me; don’t leave me
I’m too tired to disagree
I wish folk could get here & go no further than me
Track Name: Panophobia (Desk Mix)
I’ll go up to the scary attic in a veritable panic & crawl under a blanket & hope that somehow things will work themselves out

They are on their way; a thousand miles of heretic guts between their teeth
Armed with only a pen & an inability to stay calm in a crisis situation

We don’t reminisce

Descend to the cellar & pray that one day things will soon get better
I’ll be back to bed & let wash away the fear & the dread
Instead it’ll do just the opposite
We don’t reminisce
We could gather strength
If we had reasons we wouldn’t know what to do with them

We’re free at last, free at last
Thank god almighty we’re free at last
Track Name: Daniel Stern (But Fair)
Flesh is the letter squealing torrents of torrid forgiveness
The blade; it bleats away compassion &/or retraction

Then again scarves do look rather manly, don’t they?

You’ve been a good friend but if you want to stop
Low amber light is popping out from behind lots of places, making lots of changes
I won’t be the one to die on where we used to live
Yep, we’re good friends now but if you want to bow out just say the word & I’m gone
I’m gone in a shot
Track Name: Story of More
They can tell; they know it’s happening soon
Join me in a candlelight vigil for two
I’m bashing my head into a brick wall
Things were supposed to get better

They story of more
Crawl back to the floor
I meant what I said
At the time I meant every word
Relations fade on the back of my arm in spades
Invitingly incredulous to the ways